Commercial Umbrella Insurance

When you own a business, you should own some form of general liability insurance to protect you in the event of a lawsuit due to your negligence. However, the limits of your general policy may not provide all the protection you need. A commercial umbrella policy can insure you and your business with additional liability protection.

$1,000,000 judgments against businesses for negligence are rare, however, receiving a lawsuit with a $1,000,000 demand is common. If this was to happen, and you only had a $250,000 policy, you may be at risk of losing your business.

If you need “peace of mind”, a Commercial Umbrella policy can be a great option, and a supplemental policy can add an extra million-dollar layer of protection if necessary.

If you have specific circumstances, talk to your Flatlands Jessup Insurance representative.  They can help determine if you need that extra ‘peace of mind’ to cover your business.  Be safe and make sure your whole world is covered.  Let us help!

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