Pasture, Rangeland & Forage

The Pasture, Rangeland, Forage (PRF) pilot insurance program is designed to provide insurance coverage on your pasture, rangeland or forage acres.  The innovative pilot program is based on precipitation using the Rainfall Index which is derived from NOAA Climate Prediction Center data from 1948 to present.  This program is designed to give you the ability to buy insurance protection for losses of forage produced for grazing or harvested for hay, which result in increased costs for feed for livestock.

This insurance coverage is for a single peril – lack of rain.  Coverage is based on the experience of an entire area grid, not individual farms or weather stations in the area.  PRF is available most areas in the 48 contiguous states.

When insuring your grazing or hay production, you will be asked to make several choices, including the level of coverage, index intervals (covered periods), productivity factors and number of acres.  You do not have to insure all your acres, but you cannot exceed the total number of grazing or haying acres you operate.   The decision support tool on the RMA (Risk Management Agency) website helps producers make decisions on which intervals and protection factors will work for you.  The experienced staff at Flatlands Insurance Group can guide you through the decision-making process and help you choose the coverage intervals and protection factors that will be most effective for your area.

The sign up-date and acreage reporting date for PRF is November 15th of each year.   Please call us at (252)799-0945 to schedule a consultation.

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