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Ruth Fulford

Crop Risk Advisor, C.A.R.E Consultant

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Ruth Fulford, AFIS is the Crop Risk Advisor & C.A.R.E. Consultant for Flatlands Insurance Group and is based out of our Washington office. Ruth holds the Agribusiness & Farm Insurance Specialist designation through IRMI, The International Risk Management Institute. She has a broad knowledge base in the Federal Crop Insurance programs including, MPCI, Organics, PRF (Pasture, Rangeland and Forage), WFRP (Whole-Farm Revenue Protection), Crop/Hail, Nursery and specialty crops including potatoes and cabbage. She is also an authorized agent for LRP (Livestock Risk Protection). Ruth has been with Flatlands Insurance Group since 2015 and is a licensed agent in 11 states, including North Carolina, Virginia, and South Carolina. Ruth is also the 2022 recipient of the industry’s prestigious National Crop Insurance Services Outstanding Service Award.


How I Got Here:

Growing up on a farm and working in tobacco from a very young age instilled in me a strong work ethic and a passion for agriculture.  Every aspect of our lives is in some way dependent on products produced on the farm.  Far from simply planting and harvesting a crop, today’s farms are very complex businesses, with a need for a business plan and risk management tools.  An important part of a farm’s risk management plan is Federal Crop Insurance, otherwise known as a multi-peril crop insurance policy.  At Flatlands Insurance Group, our mission is to educate the farmer on how to use this tool to provide a safety net for their operation.  With storms, wildlife pressure, plant disease and insect pests, damage to crops and even complete crop failures will happen to some degree every year. As a Crop and Agribusiness Insurance Specialist, it is my pleasure and my passion to help our farmers decide how much coverage they should purchase to cover these potential losses. A large part of what I do is educate farmers on the many different plans of coverage and associated options that are available through their MPCI policy.  Every operation is different, so tailoring every policy to serve the needs of their operation is important to their success. But the most rewarding part of my job is handing a farmer a claim check and knowing that I had a small part in helping them through a difficult time and helping their operation survive to farm another year. One of my favorite pastimes is to take a ride in the countryside to photograph the landscape as it changes seasons.  My favorite time of year to do this is during the spring and fall, when I can get photographs of our farmers working in the fields.  I always look forward to watching the crops grow from planting until harvest.  This year, I hope you can find a few minutes to ride out to see our farmers, America’s backbone, at work. And when you sit down to dinner, remember to pray for the farmers that keep food on our tables.”

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